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If you are interested in feminist work, there are some fantastic collections you can explore.

The International Feminist Journal of Politics [gated content] is a unique cross-cultural and international forum to foster debate and dialogue at the intersection of international relations, politics and women’s studies. The journal maintains a website [ungated content], which hosts a blog, a data repository, and information about the conferences that the journal holds.

According to its own website, the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights Research Hub ‘strives to be the world’s most comprehensive, publicly accessible database of scholarly research on topics related to gender, armed conflict, peacebuilding, security and the construction of more just post-conflict societies’. It is a wonderful resource for researchers interested in gender and peace, conflict, and human rights.

On a related theme, the LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security publishes a Women, Peace and Security Working Paper Series. The Series is an outlet for academic arguments, position papers and policy briefs. It showcases work in progress by academics and researchers from any discipline and sector in the field of women, peace and security research and practice.

The Oxford Studies in Gender and International Relations book series is a valuable outlet for feminist work in International Relations, broadly conceived. The series ‘combines theoretical and empirical analyses to challenge all International Relations (IR) scholars to take account of gender across the subject matters in global politics and policy-makers to make better policy by noticing the gender-differential impacts of supposedly “neutral” policies’.

The Routledge Studies in Gender and Global Politics book series publishes work on any aspect of global political practices, broadly conceived, that pays attention to the ways in which gender is central to, (re)produced in, and is productive of, such practices. The series support scholars for whom English is a second or other language with dedicated editorial assistance. The series is also multi-disciplinary, publishing work from across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences with a global aspect and political focus.

Gender in a Global/Local World, another Routledge book series, ‘critically explores the uneven and often contradictory ways in which global processes and local identities come together’. The series publishes work that explores the tensions in a ’global/local world’, and is multi-disciplinary in scope, recognising ‘that no single approach can capture these complex processes’.

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