The section annually honors an eminent scholar in the International Relations sub-field of Feminist Theory and Gender Studies. Through their research, eminent scholars have made a significant impact and have pushed the boundaries of the sub-field. Many FTGS eminent scholars also have distinguished themselves through their commitment to the section and have advanced feminist scholarship through their teaching, mentoring and leadership.


2022: Geeta Chowdhry

2021: Maria Stern and Maria Eriksson Baaz

2020: Jacqui True

2019: Elisabeth Pruegl and Simona Sharoni

2018: Lily H. M. Ling

2017: Marianna H, Marchand

2016: Cynthia Weber

2015: Shirin M. Rai

2014: Carol Cohn

2013: Sandra Whitworth

2012: Marysia Zalewski

2011: Christine Sylvester

2007: Anne Sisson Runyan

2006: Jane Parpart

2005: Zillah Eisenstein

2004: Spike Peterson

2003: Jindy Pettman

2002: Maria Patricia Fernandez-Kelly

2001: Sandra Harding

1999: Berenice Carroll

1997: J. Ann Tickner

1995: Jean Bethke Elshtain

1994: Cynthia Enloe

General Information

Recipients must meet the following criteria:

  1. Recipients must be a current member of ISA.
  2. Recipients must be members of the FTGS section.
  3. Scholars who have previously received the award are not eligible for nomination.

Selection Process

  • The winner will be selected by the FTGS Eminent Scholar Award Committee. This year’s committee are: Punam Yadav, Ola Yacob-Haliso, Amanda Chisholm, Theresa de Langis, Toni Haastrup and Amya Agarwal.
  • The award will be presented at the Feminist Theory and Gender Studies (FTGS) Section business meeting during the ISA Annual Convention.

Apply For This Award

  • Nominations should be submitted to the Chair of the Award Committee – Punam Yadav,
  • Awards are announced annually, keep an eye on our front page and social media channels for the latest deadline.