The section annually honors an eminent scholar in the International Relations sub-field of Feminist Theory and Gender Studies. Through their research, eminent scholars have made a significant impact and have pushed the boundaries of the sub-field. Many FTGS eminent scholars also have distinguished themselves through their commitment to the section and have advanced feminist scholarship through their teaching, mentoring and leadership.


Marianne H. Marchand

Past Recipients

2016: Cynthia Weber
2015: Shirin M. Rai
2014: Carol Cohn
2013: Sandra Whitworth
2012: Marysia Zalewski
2011: Christine Sylvester
2007: Anne Sisson Runyan
2006: Jane Parpart
2005: Zillah Eisenstein
2004: Spike Peterson
2003: Jindy Pettman
2002: Maria Patricia Fernandez-Kelly
2001: Sandra Harding
1999: Berenice Carroll
1997: J. Ann Tickner
1995: Jean Bethke Elshtain
1994: Cynthia Enloe

General Information

Recipients must meet the following criteria:

  1. Recipients must be a current member of ISA.
  2. Recipients must be members of the FTGS section.
  3. Scholars who have previously received the award are not eligible for nomination.

Selection Process

  • The winner will be selected by the FTGS Eminent Scholar Award Committee. This year’s committee are: Catherine Eschle, Roberta Guerrina, Denise Horn (chair), Natalie Hudson, and Laura Shepherd.
  • The award will be presented at the Feminist Theory and Gender Studies (FTGS) Section business meeting during the ISA Annual Convention.

Apply For This Award

  • Nominations are now being sought for the FTGS Eminent Scholar Award. Please send your nominations to the Chair of the Award Committee (Denise Horn at by 12 May 2018.
  • Nominations should include a copy of the nominee’s CV and a letter of support. The letter should speak to the contributions made by the nominee and explain their importance.