About the Award

Feminist Theory and Gender Studies (FTGS) created the Inclusion and Transformation Sub-Committee in 2019 to decenter whiteness and western-dominated perspectives in the workings of the ISA generally and FTGS in particular in order to move beyond “diversity” and provoke transformative change in the field. The committee oversees the annual FTGS Convention Award in support of applicants committed to feminist perspectives and affiliated with or graduating from institutions that do not enjoy significant resource and geographical privilege, with non-western, marginalized, and precaritized scholars given first consideration. Among that group, priority is given to those in their final years of graduate work completion through to their first years of their post-doctoral career.

Awardees should have a paper accepted for presentation at the ISA Convention. Nominees should demonstrate in their application their need for the award; a lack of institutional support, including precarity; and the significance of their participation in the Convention. While nominees do not need to be members of ISA or FTGS, their application should demonstrate an intention of forward-looking engagement with the FTGS Section, ISA organization, and ISA conventions. Awardees must become members of ISA and FTGS to receive the award, and a portion of the award funds can be used to this end.

Selection criteria

  1. Nominees/applicants should be able to demonstrate intention of ongoing engagement with the FTGS section and ISA, and the significance of their participation in the upcoming convention for their research programme.
  2. Nominees/applicants should be graduate students or early career scholars who face geographical, financial or other barriers to their participation in ISA.
  3. Priority will be given to nominees/applicants from the global south, and to those who have a lack of institutional support or alternative resources.


For the 2022 ISA Convention, we are offering $400 for virtual participants and $800 for in-person participants. Funds will be disbursed upon proof of registration, panel / roundtable acceptance (to any section of ISA) and ISA/FTGS membership. No receipts or expense forms will be required: the award is in the full sum, to be disposed of in the manner that best supports convention participation for the awardees. In light of the online & in person format of the 2022 ISA Convention, costs may be used to cover technology, internet access, child or other care, etc. or for travel expenses, accommodation, visa fees, child care etc. If needed the award may be used to cover membership costs to ISA/FTGS (Please note that membership is a stipulation for fund disbursement, but not for nomination). 

Selection process

The FTGS Inclusion and Transformation Sub-Committee will inform applicants of the outcome by mid-December.

How to apply

  1. Nominators/Applicants are asked to submit a CV of no longer than 4 pages, and a 1-page letter outlining their case for support, detailing the following:
    • The significance of their presentation and of their attendance at the annual convention to their ongoing research program (e.g., response to referee/ evaluation)
    • Projected costs of attendance, including technology needs for remote access
    • Any institutional support or alternative resources available
    • Intention of ongoing engagement with the FTGS Section, ISA organization, and ISA conventions
    • Any other information establishing their status as late graduate students/early career scholars who lack geographical and other privilege; engage from non-western, marginalized populations/perspectives; and/or experience precarity as scholars
    • Applications should be emailed to the chair of the Inclusion and Transformation subcommitte, Khushi Singh Rathore.
    • The deadline for applications is 8 November 2021.

Past winners

2022: Julio César Díaz Calderón  (University of Florida), Kiran Chauhan (Jawaharlal Nehru University), and Tripti Chowdhury (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

2021: Ayako Kobayashi, Huey Fen Cheong, Sharmila Parmanand, and Ariel Mekler

2020: Claudia Zanardi and Ariel Mekler

2019: Khushi Singh Rathore and Amanda Ferreira