The Inclusion and Transformation Committee of the Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Section of the International Studies Association is so happy to announce the recipients of this year’s Convention Award!

The award is in support of applicants committed to feminist perspectives and affiliated with or graduating from institutions that do not enjoy significant resource and geographical privilege, with non-western, marginalized, and precaritized scholars given first consideration. In light of no travel costs as ISA 2021 is scheduled to be an online event, the committee unanimously arrived at the decision to give four awards, instead of two as in previous years. This was done with the intent of supporting increased remote participation. Each winner will receive a $400 grant to support participation at ISA 2021.

The winners of the FTGS-ISA 2021 Convention Awards are:

Huey Fen Cheong (Universiti Malaya)

Ayako Kobayashi (Sophia University)

Sharmila Parmanand (University of Cambridge)

Ariel Mekler (CUNY)

A big congratulations to all the winners!

From the 2020-21 FTGS-ISA Inclusion and Transformation Committee: Theresa de Langis (chair), Amya Agarwal, Catherine Eschle, Sara Motta, Khushi Singh Rathore and Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso.


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