The Bulletin of Applied Transgender Studies is currently accepting manuscripts through our submission portal at

Under the supervision of an all-star editorial board from across the globe, the Bulletin publishes timely research focused on identifiable and pragmatic social, cultural, and political issues of relevance to transgender people, both at the individual and collective level. We welcome research from diverse theoretical and methodological approaches, and from all contextual areas.

Submissions may be one of three types:

  • Original Articles: unsolicited full-length submissions that present well-developed conceptual/theoretical arguments and/or present analyses from one or more research studies.
  • Brief Reports: unsolicited short-form submissions that present single findings from individual research studies or present replications of previous research.
  • Book Reviews: solicited short essays that provide a summary and critical assessment of one or more recently published book(s) relevant to the work published in the Bulletin.

Word limits for Original Articles range from 8,000 to 12,000 depending on content (see here), while Brief Reports may not exceed 1,500 words and Book Reviews may not exceed 3,500 words. Full submission guidelines may be found here.

Direct all inquiries about submissions to editor Dr Thomas J Billard at


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