We are delighted to announce the following have been elected to the FTGS-ISA executive committee in 2022:

  • Section co-chairs 2022-2025 – Lata Narayanaswamy and Srila Roy
  • Program co-chairs 2022-2025 – Anwar Mhajne and Itziar Mujika Chao
  • Communications co-officer 2022-2024 – Keshab Giri and Khushi Singh Rathore
  • Members at Large 2022-2024 – Masaya Llavaneras Blanco, Saba Joshi and Dipti Tamang
  • Graduate Student Representatives 2022-2023 -Karoline Faeber, Eda Gunaydin and Luah Thomas

Many congratulations to the newly elected members: we look forward to working with you! And many thanks to you, and also to those unsuccessful on this occasion, for your commitment to the section.


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