We know for many of you, and for a multitude of reasons, you are unable to make the conference in person.  We will miss you but as an exec we have been thinking about ways we can continue to build our inclusive community.  ISA does not support hybrid events during the conference and they do not have the facilities.  We have decided, where possible, to make our own events hybrid through the use of MSTeams.  Please do see the agenda for our key events below with the dedicated MSTeams link.  We encourage you all to come along and share in the knowledge exchange and continue to community build as a section.  We hope to see you there in person or through the screen.

Much love and solidarity,

FTGS Executive Committee 

Key Programme Events

Thursday 16 March 12.30-1.30 Business Meeting

Tidan A, Montreal Marriot Chateau 

MSTeams: Click here to join the meeting

We will be going over our annual report.  Please do let me know as committee chairs if you will be there in person to talk about the persons you awarded this year. 

Also, do let me know if there is a particular agenda item you’d like us as a section to discuss.


  1. Introduction/Open Address (Amanda) 
  2. Welcoming of new executive committee (Amanda)
  3. Review of annual report
    1. Programme Review (Toni and Maria)
    2. Finances (Amanda)
    3. Communications (Keshab)
    4. Inclusion and Transformation (Amanda and Luah)
      1. Convention awards
      2. FTGS Global Voices 
  4. Awards
    1. Distinguished Scholar (Amanda)
    2. Book Prize (Anwar)
    3. Global South Feminist Scholar (Luah)
    4. Early Career and Engagement (Anwar)
    5. Teresa Teawai Award (Amanda)
  5. Nominations (Maria)
  1. BDS and Palestinian Academic Freedom at ISA (Andrew Delatolla or another representative)
  2. Any Other Business

Thursday 16 March 1.45-3.30 FTGS TownHall Militant Mentoring and Nurturing Communities of Care

Tidan A, Montreal Marriot Chateau 

MSTeams: Click here to join the meeting

Speakers: Megan Mackenzie, Toni Haastrup, Sara Motta, Yolande Bouka, Katharine Wright, Qais Munhazim and Chamindra Weerawardhana

The FTGS Townhall is conceived as an open, ethical and dialogical space for FTGS members and any other invited persons to share experiences, exchange knowledges and extend support, solidarity, listening and kinship to one another. According to the 2019 FTGS Report, the Townhall “gathering is an open meeting slot that feminist scholars at ISA use to discuss questions and concerns amongst its members.” This coming year we chose the theme: Militant mentoring and nurturing communities of care from within, against the beyond the ruins. The broader discussions are underpinned by the fact that we are currently surviving in the ruins of the not post-covid world and the ongoing anti-life logics and (ir)rationalities of our current systems of governance, education and economy. To some It feels like our infrastructures of learning, teaching, thinking, governing and social reproduction have broken down and it is unclear whether they can be fixed, or whether we want to do the labour of repair. For many Black, Indigenous, POC, queer and gender non-conforming colleagues and communities the academy and systems of governance and economy have always been a ruined and ruinous landscape and epistemological project that has been complicit in the denial of our (political) knowing-being difference. It is within this context, and learning together with our brilliant Black, Indigenous/POC and queer feminist scholars in and beyond the academy this upcoming townhall seeks to create a space to think about and nurture communities of care, infrastructures of resistance and ecologies of intimacy within, against and beyond the ruins. We aim to reimagine what mentoring and community building look like in- spite-of market extractivist logics, colonial patriarchal (ir)rationalities, toxic landscapes of social reproduction and anti-life governance strategies of abandonment. We begin with short interventions by our roundtable experts, before breaking into thematic groups and then returning as a collective to share and map ways forward.

Thursday 16 March 4-5.45 Distinguished Scholar Panel for Anna Agathangelou 

Tidan A, Montreal Marriot Chateau 

MSTeams: Click here to join the meeting

This year, we are very pleased to announce the winner of the 2023 Eminent Scholar Award is Professor Anna Agathangelou. Anna is a long-time member of the ISA, taking on significant leadership positions which include ISA, North-East, President, (2020-2021), and as ISA, North-East Program Chair, Elected Position (2018-2019). She has also served as an ISA Diversity Committee Member, Appointed Position (2014- 2017). Professor Agathangelou has likewise served as an ISA, North-East Section, Member of Organizing Committee (2010-2013), as ISA, North-East, Organizing Committee (2011-2013), and on the Nomination’s Committee, New Political Science Award Committees (2008-2009). Anna played a foundational role in creating a new cross disciplinary section at ISA, Science, Technology, Art in International Relations Section (STAIR).  

Professor Agathnagelou’s service to the FTGS Section is also noteworthy.  Anna has served on the FTGS Graduate Award Committee Member (2005-2006), as an FTGS Chair (2003-2004), as FTGS, Member of Coalition against Human Trafficking, Houston (2002-2006), as the FTGS Program Chair for the 43rd Annual ISA Convention, New Orleans, LA (March 24-27, 2000-2001), and as Executive Committee of FTGS (1994- 2000). She has also actively participated along with other key members to diversify the intellectual agenda of FTGS. While a chair and a program chair of FTGS, she not only ensured the inclusion of feminists from the Global South but also from the African continent. In all these leadership roles within ISA, Anna has shown a dedication and commitment to diversity and transforming around who and what knowledge is given space and included. She has worked to diversify ISA by inviting Black, Indigenous, and Women of the Global South to become members. She has used her leadership positions to increase the diversification of intellectual agendas in the discipline and the broader field of IR by focusing on postcolonial, feminist and science and technology perspectives.   

Thursday 16 March 7.30-8.30 FTGS and LGBTQA Caucus Reception 

Tidan A, Montreal Marriott Chateau         

Here we will be handing out award certificates to our awardees. We will try to livestream this so you can all watch through social media. 


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